Tuesday, August 19, 2008

one last visit with good friends...

Visiting with Chris and Elizabeth only reminds us how un-adult our lives (and former apartment) are.  
Relaxing on the beach at coney island with street scenes lurking in the background.  Oddly, there was this small shark washed up on the shore.   

Sadly, Chris had to work (boooo) and so only Elizabeth went to Coney Island with us.  Before we set out from their place in Bensonhurst, Mo and I made the guy at the Italian deli's head explode by asking for a sandwich with no meat, no cheese, just vegetables.  (What self-respecting Italian could want a meatless hero?) 

Now you may ask yourself: how could one possibly see NYC in two days...well...just ask Ellison.  In two and a half days we went to the MOMA, walked from 59th and 5th to Union Square (that means St. Pat's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Macy's and Herald Square, the Flatiron, and Union Square)....oh yea, and we saw that blonde chick from Popular (if you don't know who we mean...study up!).  The next day we shopped in the Village, ate lunch at Curly's Vegetarian Lunch (can you say buffalo sandwiches and cubanos!), coffee at Mud, and a BBQ with relatives in Queens.  The last day we hit the saturday green streets again to check off the S.I. Ferry, the Brooklyn bridge, Park Ave, and a lap in Central Park only to be topped off with another loud, family BBQ.  Then a sad ride to Newark.  BTW, we've become snooty name-droppers.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sending along your blog and email.
Stay safe and have a good time in Africa!


Chris said...

you are, however, our favorite un-adults with whom to shoot the breeze...and being an adult is highly over-rated. next time I will put the martini, smoking jacket and my floor globe in storage prior to your visit to make our place more welcoming.